IWFA Junior Angler Point System and Species List

All fish on the IWFA approved list are eligible for points.  There are no line class or tackle restrictions; however, all IGFA International Angling Rules and Regulations apply.
6” – 12”                 1 point
Over 12”                5 points
Sailfish                20 points
Other Billfish       25 points

Freshwater and saltwater fish will be scored separately due to awards.  The catch and release form created by the committee needs to be filled out and emailed to the junior angler Affidavit Chair in the same time frame as IWFA members (by the 5th day of the month following the catch).  The junior angler can turn in fish caught while fishing with others if sponsor vouches for the catch.  This is a program for mentoring, education, and recognition.

Species List

(F- Feshwater designation, S- Saltwater designation) revised 1/12/2021

Albacore -S Gar, Alligator -F Pollock -S Sunfish, Redbreast -F
Amberjack, Greater -S Gar, Florida -F Pompano, African -S Sunfish, Redear -F
Arawana -F Gar, Longnose -F Pompano, Florida -S Swordfish -S
Asp -F Gar, Shortnose -F Pompano, Snubnose -S Taimen -F
Barbel -F Gar, Spotted -F Queenfish, Doublespotted -S Tambaqui -F
Barracuda, Great -F Grayling -F Queenfish, Talang -S Tarpon -S
Barracuda, Guinean -S Grayling, Arctic -F Redhorse, Shorthead -F Tarpon, Oxeye -S
Barracuda, Mexican -S Grayling, European -F Rehorse, Silver -F Tautog -F
Barracuda, Pacific -S Grouper, Black -S Rockfish, Black/Blue -S Tench -F
Barramundi -F Grouper, Broomtail -S Rockfish, Yelloweye -S Threadfin, Giant African -S
Bass, Australian -F Grouper, Gag -S  Roosterfish -S Threadfin, King -S
Bass, Black Sea -S Grouper, Goliath -S  Runner, Rainbow -S Tigerfish -F
Bass, European -S Grouper, Red -S  Sailfish, Atlantic -S Tigerfish, Giant -F
Bass, Giant Sea -S Halibut, Atlantic -S  Sailfish, Pacific -S Trahira, Giant -F
Bass, Kelp (Calico) -S Halibut, California -S  Salmon, Atlantic -F Trevally, Bigeye -S
Bass, Largemouth -F Halibut, Pacific -S Salmon, Atlantic (landlocked) -F Trevally, Bluefin -S
Bass, Rock -F Huchen -F Salmon Chinook -F Trevally, Giant -S
Bass, Shoal -F Inconnu -F Salmon, Chum -F Trevaly, Golden -S
Bass, Smallmouth -F Jack, Almaco -S Salmon, Coho -F Tripletail -S
Bass, Spotted -F Jack, Crevalle -S Salmon, Pink -F Trout, Brook -F
Bass, Striped -S Jack, Horse-Eye -S Salmon, Sockeye -F Trout, Brown -F
Bass, Striped, Landlocked -F Jack, Pacific Crevalle -S Samson Fish -S Trout, Bull -F
Bass, White -F Kahawai (Australian Salmon) -S Sauger -F Trout, Cutthroat -F
Bass, Whiterock -F Kawakawa -S Seabass, Blackfin -S Trout, Golden -F
Bass, Yellow -F Kokanee -F Seabass, Japanese (Suzuki) -S Trout Lake -F
Bluefish -S Ladyfish -S Seabass, White -S Trout, Rainbow -F
Bluegill -F Leerfish (Garrick) -S Seabream 

Gilthead -S

Trout, Tiger -F
Bonefish, Atlantic -S Lingcod -S Seatrout, Spotted -S Tuna, Bigeye (Atlantic) -S
Bonefish, Pacific -S Mackerel, Cero -S Shad, American -F Tuna, Bigeye (Pacific) -S
Bonito, Atlantic -S Mackerel, King -S Shad, Hickory -S Tuna, Blackfin -S
Bonito, Pacific -S Mackerel, Narrowbarred -S Shark, Black Tip -S Tuna, Bluefin -S
Bowfin -F Mackerel, Pacific Sierra -S Shark, Blue -S Tuna, Dogtooth -S
Buffalo, Bigmouth -F Mackerel, Spanish -S Shark, Bonnethead -S Tuna, Longtail -S
Buffalo, Smallmouth -F Madai -S Shark, Hammerhead -S Tuna, Skipjack -S
Bullhead, Black -F Marlin, Black -S Shark, Mako -S Tuna, Yellowfin -S
Bullhead, Brown -F Marlin, Blue (Atlantic) -S Shark, Porbeagle -S Tunny, Little -S
Bullhead, Yellow -F Marlin, Blue (Pacific) -S Shark, Tresher -S Wahoo -S
Burbot -F Marlin, Striped -S Shark, Tiger -S Walleye -F
Buri -S Marlin, White -S Shark, Tope -S Warmouth -F
Carp, Common -F Meagre (Incl Southern) -S Shark, White -S Weakfish -S
Carp, Grass -F Milkfish -F Sharks, Whaler -S Wels -F
Catfish, Blue -F Mullet, Sea -S Sheepshead -S Whitefish, Lake -F
Catfish, Channel -F Muskellunge -F Skipjack, Black -S Whitefish, Mountain -F
Catfish, Flathead -F Muskellunge, Tiger -F Snapper (Squirefish) -S Whitefish, Round -F
Catfish, Redtail -F Nembwe -F Snapper, African Red -S Yellowtail, California -S
Catfish, Sharptooth -F Oscar -F Snapper, Cubera -S Yellowtail, Southern -S
Catfish, White -F Parrotperch, Japanese -S Snapper, Gray -S Zander -F
Char, Arctic -F Parrotperch, Spotted -S Snapper, Guinean -S  
Cobia -S Payara -F Snapper, Mullet -S  
Cod, Atlantic -S Peacock, Blackstriped -F Snapper, Mutton -S  
Cod, Pacific -S Peacock, Butterfly -F Snapper, Pacific Cubera -S  
Conger -S Peacock, Orinoco -F Snapper, Papuan Black -F  
Corbina, California -S Peacock, Speckled -F Snapper, Red -S  
Crappie, Black -F Pellona, Amazon -F Snapper, Yellowtail -S  
Crappie, White -F Perch, European -F Snook, Atlantic -S  
Dentex -S Perch, Nile -F Snook, Pacific -S  
Dolly Varden -F Perch, White -F Sorubim -F  
Dolphinfish -S Perch, Yellow -F Spadefish, Atlantic -S  
Dorado -F Permit -S Spearfish, Atlantic -S  
Drum, Black -S Pickerel. Chain -F Spearfish, Shortbill -S  
Drum, Freshwater -F Pike, Northern -F Splake -F  
Drum, Red -S Piranha, Red -F Sturgeon -F  
Flounder -S Pollack, European -S Sunfish, Green -F