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In order for your application to be considered, please be sure you forward all of the following documents to [email protected] in .pdf format. The subject line of the email should read your First Name, Last Name and Scholarship Trust Application

1. A Curriculum Vitae outlining your academic career including contact information, educational institutions with dates attended and degrees completed, current GPA, publications and conference presentations, academic awards, memberships, extra-curricular activities and coursework relative to your research.
2. Transcript of your university/college records. 
3. Letter of Good Standing from the Registrar’s Office of the university in which you are enrolled. 
4. A separate letter, limited to 3 pages, double-spaced, to include the following:
a. Description of your current research in Marine Science. 
b. Explanation of financial need for this award.
    (Example of format and items to be included in your statement can be found under “Research Expense Summary Example” on the website.).  
5. Letters of Recommendation: a list of the name, email address, and position of three individuals familiar with your training and academic qualifications whom you have asked to write recommendations on your behalf. These should include:
a. Your graduate research advisor
b. Another advisor, professor, or school official
c. Someone well acquainted with you personally
Letters of recommendation should include character, personality, and ability testimonials, as well as a description of your scholastic and extracurricular activities including your current GPA. Letters should be emailed by your references directly to [email protected]. Please ask those individuals sending a reference on your behalf to use your “First Name, Last Name, Scholarship Trust Reference” in the subject line of the email. 
6. Completed checklist. 

7. Please submit an email with your completed application package in .pdf format; in the subject line enter your First Name, Last Name, and “Scholarship Trust Application” to [email protected] by March 1.  


Questions may be directed to [email protected].