2021 IWFA Awards

Anne D. Crowninshield Award

Brooke D. Black

161,673 points – 1st Time

“Joining the historical ranks of the past Crowninshield winners brings me great pride, not only in myself, but in this amazing group of women."


Kay Rybovich Award

Linda Denkert

64 Species, 1st Time

“Winning the Rybovich was a fun and adventurous accomplishment for me!”


Sponsored Awards

Ann C. Kunkel Newcomer Award

Sponsored by Ann C Kunkel

Amy Lockhart, 43,381 points, 27 Species


Kay Young Memorial Trophy

Sponsored by Gillen Yacht Service

Audrey Koocher

March 23, 2021, Blue Marlin, (Pacific) Costa Rica


Fleming Tournament Award

Sponsored by Molly Fleming

Rebel Caplinger, 98 points


Orvis Total Fly Award

Sponsored by Orvis Fly Fishing

Brooke Black, 52,899 points, 27 Species, 1st Time


Lew’s Plug Award

Sponsored by Lew’s Fishing Tackle

Brooke D. Black, 37,139 points, 1st Time 


Vernon Fly Release Award

Sponsored by Joan Vernon

Brooke D. Black, 14,303 points, 1st Time


Arostegui Trout Fly Fishing Award

Sponsored by Arostegui Family

Lisa O Everett, 4 species, 15,700 points, 3rd Time


Sture Olsson Billfish Award

Sponsored by Lisa Everett

Laura Russell, 3 Species, 47,676 points, 1st Time 


St Croix Junior Angler Awards

Fleming Top Species Award

Sponsored and Presented by Molly Fleming

Emily Hanzlik, 62 Species, 3rd Time


Top Freshwater Angler

Sponsored by the Black Family

Sydney O’Day, 550 points, 1st Time


Top Saltwater Angler

Sponsored by the Denkert Family 

Mecartney Black, 1418 points, 1st Time



Annual Individual Species Award Winners

Barracuda, Great

Carmen Perez-Padron

55 fish, 11,275 points, 2nd time


Denise Freihofer

200 fish, 59,400 points, 1st time

Bass, Black Sea

Lisa Y. Everett

121 fish, 10,890 points, 1st time

Bass, Largemouth

Cindy Kearns

286 fish, 35,707 points, 2nd time

Bass, Rock

Mary Edmonds

218 fish, 21,680 points, 3rd time

Bass, Smallmouth

Denise Freihofer

69 fish, 7,460 points, 3rd time


Amy Dougherty

124 fish, 12,203 points, 2nd time


Cindy Kearns

637 fish, 62,080 points, 1st time

Bullhead, Brown

Lisa O. Everett

74 fish, 7,282 points, 2nd time

Catfish, Channel

Robin Stewart

41 fish, 8,405 points, 1st time

Crappie, Black

Lisa Y Everett

119 fish, 11,900 points, 2nd time

Drum, Red

Leiza Fitzgerald

227 fish, 48,496 points ,2nd time

Gar, Florida

Linda Denkert

175 fish, 15,750 points, 1st time

Jack, Almaco

Brooke D. Black

111 fish, 23,712 points, 1st time

Jack, Crevalle

Carmen Perez-Padron

175 fish, 15,768 points, 3rd time


Linda Denkert

281 fish, 24,723 points, 1st time

Mackerel, Spanish

Brooke D. Black

42 fish, 9,978 points, 1st time

Marlin, Blue (Atlantic)

Laura Russell

13 fish, 10,075 points, 2nd time

Marlin, Blue (Pacific)

Nancy Llacuna

5 fish, 5,595 points, 1st time

Marlin, Striped

Laura Russell

48 fish, 37,200 points, 1st time

Mulllet, Sea

Amy Dougherty

384 fish, 36,153 points, 2nd time


Roberta  Arostegui

385 fish, 34,753 points, 2nd time

Peacock, Butterfly

Roberta  Arostegui

284 fish, 58,276 points, 3rd time

Perch, Yellow

Mary Edmonds

79 fish, 7,860 points, 2nd time

Sailfish, Pacific

Molly Fleming

30 fish, 26,892 points, 3rd time

Seatrout, Spotted

Linda Denkert

177 fish, 20,382 points, 1st time


Leiza Fitzgerald 

43 fish, 7,912 points, 1st time

Snapper, Grey

Linda Denkert 

289 fish, 24,806 points, 2nd time  

Snapper, Red

Mary Edmonds

93 Fish. 13,299 points, 1st time

Snapper, Yellowtail

Mary Muratori 

151 fish, 12,231 points, 2nd time

Snook, Atlantic

Leiza Fitzgerald

274 fish, 52,968 points, 1st time

Trout, Brown

Lisa O. Everett

34 fish, 7,718 points, 1st time

Trout, Tiger

Lisa O. Everett

70 fish, 7,000 points, 1st time


Roberta Arostegui

364 fish, 32,607 points, 2nd time


2020 Hall of Fame Recipient

Pam Marmin


In 1994, when Captain Harry Vernon introduced me to his wife, Joan, as a perspective member of the IWFA, I never imaged how much the association would change my life.  I have made many lifelong friends who enjoy sportfishing as much as I do. Joining the IWFA has allowed me to travel with other members to foreign countries and distant states to fish tournaments or just to have fun.      

I am proud to be a member of an organization that offers a junior angler program to promote sportfishing with conversation to our next generation and gives back to the community by granting scholarships to graduate students majoring in Marine Science.

2022 Hall of Fame Recipient Lisa O. Everett

The IWFA has given me direcWon for almost a fourth of my life and I have been very fortunate to have achieved so much and enjoyed so many experiences that I probably would never have done on my own. The friends I met along the way will be cherished forever!


Thank you to the 2021 IWFA Award and Luncheon Sponsors

Roberta & Martin Arostegui

The Black Family

The Bokor Family

The Denkert Family

Lisa O. Everett

Molly Fleming

Pat Ford

Chris Howard

Joan Vernon


St. Croix

Papa’s Pilar Rum

Gillan Yacht Services

Ann Kunkel’s Jewelry bequest will sustain the Newcomer Award for the next 24 years!

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