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MAY 2017

In This Issue...

  1. President's Message
  2. Annual Awards
  3. Members' Travelogue: Girls Out Fishing
  4. Special Recognition 
  5. Dear Dora
  6. Monthly Awards Milestones
  7. Upcoming Events/Announcements 
  8. New Members
  9. Sponsors 

President's Message

I’m very excited to be your President for the 2017 – 2019 term. Thank you to Donna and her Board of Directors for their time and commitment to serving the IWFA these past two years. I’m a firm believer that you get back the effort that you put in. I call it “Return on Involvement.”

Sure, there are many ways to be involved now: competing in a tournament, attending a Funament, turning in monthly Affidavits, referring new members and/or seeking sponsors. But you’ll soon have more opportunities.

My Officers and the Committee Chairs are going to be tasked with several goals to move this club forward. And my mantra is that a committee is a group, not one. There are plenty of members who have the talent and background to help this club continue to grow (not just in size but in composition too) and to help us continue to promote fishing and conservation. So, I hope when a Board member calls on you to participate on a committee, that you will consider becoming more involved and help to shape the future of the IWFA.

With that having been said, please join me in welcoming the new Board of Directors and thanking them for their involvement. You’ll find a list of their names and a link to their email addresses on the website. If the first Board meeting was an indication of the dedication and enthusiasm of this team, the next two years are going to be great!

With respect and dedication,

Jill Gaddis President IWFA


Annual Awards Luncheon

This year's annual luncheon was held at the Coral Reef Yacht Club in Coconut Grove, FL. The event was great and attended by many of our members. Thank you to everyone that came in from both near and far to participate in our annual recognition of our talented members. Thank you to everyone that was part of making this event special for everyone in attendance.

Congratulations to Mary Muratori, Lorraine Francis, Roberta Arostegui and to all of the ladies that received awards for the 2016 fishing year. You are all a true testament of talent, dedication and passion for the sport we all love.


Welcome to our new Board of Directors for 2017-2019! At the helm of our great club is Jill Gaddis along with a great crew that our members voted in. Below is a picture that was taken at the luncheon of the new board members that were present. Due to image size constraints for newlsetter purposes some may not have come out. Sorry to those cut out from photo (myself included). 




 Members Travelogue: Girls Out Fishing

The Miami Funament held the day before the Annual Luncheon was a "boat load" of fun for those who participated. They all caught lots of fish, had tons of fun especially Becki deRosa who caught and released her very first Sailfish. Congratulations Becki! Thank you to Donna Wilson and everyone involved in planning the funament aboard the Reward.  


Special Recognition 

Molly Fleming was recognized on April 7th, 2017 at the Sailfish Club's Annual Awards Ceremony for her 2016 fishing year. The Sailfish Club's Fishing Committee awarded Molly in the following categories: 

  • Don Wilson Overall Club Champion
  • Ann Sodahl Light Tackle Champion
  • Nataros Flycasting Champion
  • Fleming All-Florida Award
  • Wilson Snook Award 
  • Stewart Most Species Award


Aledia Tush was crowned the Tarpon Queen at the kickoff event for the 87th Annual Sarasota Tarpon Tournament earlier this month. She has won the tournament 3 times (1999, 2009, 2016) and is tied with another man. If she wins this year's tournament she will have the most wins in this tournament's 87 year history. Congratulations Aledia!



 Dear Dora   

Q: I noticed that photos show up in the directory for some of the members. I like putting a face with a name. How can I add a photo to my profile?

A: Go to www.iwfa.org and select Member Login. After you log in, click on the My Profile tab and select Change Profile Picture. Follow the instructions and click on Save when you’re finished. Viola!

Q: I heard that the IWFA sends Birthday cards to members. What a nice gesture! But how do they know when my birthday is approaching?

A: The IWFA wants to help you celebrate your special day. But they only know about it if you’ve added the information into your member profile. Go to www.iwfa.org and select Member Login. Click on the Edit button and scroll down the page until you find the birth day, month and year fields. None of these fields are required but having your birth year will help keep track of your eligibility for a Distinguished Lifetime Member Award. Once you’re finished, click the Save button. Rest assured, this information isn’t visible to the general public other members.

Do you have something you would like to ask Dora? Send in your questions to [email protected] and we will post it on our next newsletter along with the answer. 

Monthly Awards Milestones 

Congratulations to the following member(s) who have earned such incredible milestones! These monthly award numbers include the April 2017 stats. Happy Fishing!

Ashley Bahen - 100th Monthly Award         

Carmen Perez-Padron - 400th Monthly Award

Upcoming Events/Announcements

 Boca Grande Funament April 2017


We came, we fished, we conquered!

Boca Grande, Fl. is located on Florida's gulf coast and looks out on Charlotte Harbor, one of the best fisheries in Florida.

The Funament kicked off on Sunday with a dinner hosted by the Sarasota girls. Wesley Locke, head of the Boca Grande Chamber of Commerce, gave a talk about the history of Boca Grande and tarpon fishing. Goodie bags included wide brimmed hats from Gasparilla Outfitters, and cotton t-shirts from CB's Saltwater Outfitters of Sarasota, Fl. Fourteen women...2 per boat....2 days of fishing caught and released a whopping 641 fish!

Sleeping rooms were at the lovely Innlet Hotel on Boca Grande, just steps away from the guide boats.

The guides arrived with their live-wells stocked with bait, in time to leave the dock by 8:30 am and return by 2:30 pm. Our destination to fish was the Bull Bay area on the north side of Charlotte Harbor. Aside from catching many fish, everyone loved NOT getting up in the dark and having the afternoons to relax!

Day 1 team winners were Ellen Matthews and Lin Dockendorff with 63 fish caught and released.
Tons of fish caught by every woman! Total fish caught on Day 1 was 311!

A highlight was Merrily Simmons catching a 29" redfish and unknowingly having her guides paycheck drop out of her pocket into the water. After leaving the fishing site AND returning, it was still there floating. Thanks to Lin Dockendorff for suggesting using Ziplock bags to hold the payments!!

After fishing, many of the ladies lounged in the pool before heading out in golf carts for a tour of downtown Boca Grande. The tour was followed by a wonderful dinner at the South Beach restaurant on the beach at Boca Grande pass.

Day 2 was another wonderful day of fishing. Pam Marmin caught a 39" snook and Susan Gros caught a 34" snook! Jill Gaddis caught a blacktip shark outside of its typical habitat.

DAY 2 team members who caught the most fish were Suzie Villere and Aledia Tush with 75 fish.
Again, everyone had a fantastic day catching many fish. Total fish caught on Day 2 was 303!

The day was followed up with a choice of a trip to town by golf cart to shop or a tour of the Gasparilla Inn. The Inn is gorgeous with plenty of “old Florida” charm. President George Bush often visits there with his family.

The evening wrapped up with an awards dinner at P.J.'s SeaGrille. Pam Marmin won 1st place for largest fish with her 39" snook and Susan Gros won 2 place with her 34" snook.

1st place most shark went to Jill Gaddis
1st place most fish Ellen Matthews 78 fish
2nd place most fish Suzie Villere 66 fish

Congratulations ladies on a fine job!

Of the 614 fish caught during the 2 day Funament, 431 were Snook!



The Louisiama SLAM Tournament in June is full and registrationisclosed. 

The Islamorada Tournament will take place 10/23-10/25/2017. The tournament captain's meeting is on Sunday 10/22. The tournament chairs this year are Amy Knowles and Kim Harrison. Please stay tuned for more information regarding registration and changes to the tournament rules.

IWFA Guatemala Billfish Tournament at Casa Vieja Lodge in November is full and registration is closed. 


Please be sure to check our website www.iwfa.org for information on and to register for all upcoming events


 New Members


The IWFA would like to wish a warm welcome to the following ladies that have joined our amazing club since May 2017.

* Betty Bauman, Davie, FL 

* Cissy Beasley, Beeville, TX

* Christine Santoro, Key West, FL 

* Donna Krehling, Placida, FL 


Please support our sponsors!


Links to our sponsors can be found on the Sponsor tab of our website www.iwfa.org

 If you're interested in an IWFA Sponsorship email us at [email protected]

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