Annual Awards for 2017 Fishing Year 2018.03.07 Print


Anne D. Crowninshield Trophy
Mary Muratori

77 species for 103,285 points - 3rd time

Kay Rybovich Trophy
Carmen Perez-Padron

43 species for 53,696 point - 1st time

Ginny Sherwood Trophy
Lorraine Francis

24 species for 44480.83 points - 3rd time

Sponsored Awards

Ann C. Kunkel Newcomer Award - Sponsored by Ann Kunkel

Julie Brown

Most release points first 3 membership years 66,955 points

1st time

Ann Dever Red Drum Award - Sponsored by Becca deRosa

Brenda Moore

228 fish for 29,595 points

1st time

Olsson Atlantic Sailfish - Sponsored by Lisa O Everett

Laura Russell

19 fish for 9,139 points

1st time

Atlantic Snook - Sponsored by Roberta Arostegui

Lisa O Everett

448 fish for 76,270 points

1st time

Atlantic Spadefish - Sponsored by Mary Muratori

Lisa Y Everett

47 fish for 9,635 points

1st time

Fleming Tournament Award - Sponsored Molly Fleming

Brenda Moore

 57 points

1st time

Fly Fishing Release Award - Sponsored by Joan Vernon & Diane Locke

Carmen Perez-Padron

 11,133 points

1st time

Kay Young Memorial Trophy First Marlin - Sponsored by Lisa O Everett

Dr. Joanne Kolius

 1/5/2017 Atlantic Blue Marlin

1st time 

Large Mouth Bass Award - Sponsored by South Florida IWFA Members 

Ashley Bahen

560 fish for 49,388 points

1st time

McManus Total Fly Fishing - Sponsored by Gail Kennedy-McManus

Lisa O Everett

 41,635 points

1st time

Pacific Sailfish - Sponsored by Eloquence Jewelers

Connie O'Day

33 fish for 22,392 points

2nd time

Striped Bass - Sponsored by the Carolina Girls

Ashley Bahen

51 fish for 10,593 points

1st time

Texas Plug Award - Sponsored by Connie O'Day

Gussie Leech

25,227 points

3rd time


Release Awards

Species Member No of Fish Points Times Won
Black Sea Bass Maria Succop 139 7,896 1st
Bluegill Lorraine Francis 416 44,950 2nd
Brown Bullhead Lisa Y Everett 74 7,200 1st
Channel Catfish Lisa Y Everett 37 8,113 3rd
Flounder Vicki Martineau 171 10,944 3rd
Florida Gar Lorraine Francis 79 8,490 2nd
Atlantic Blue Marlin Laura Russell 10 7,175 1st
Pacific Blue Marlin Lisa O Everett 8 6,498 2nd
Oscar Mary Muratori 123 12,300 3rd
Speckled Peacock Bass Roberta Arostegui 185 33,863 2nd
White Perch Lorraine Francis 126 13,310 1st
Florida Pompano Lisa Y Everett 84 7,534 2nd
Sea Mullet Lisa Y Everett 156 13,962 3rd
Sea Trout Brenda Moore 260 22,125 1st
Grey Snapper Sharon Ellenwood 88 7,125 1st
Red Snapper Maria Succop 101 12,913 2nd
Redear Sunfish Lorraine Francis 119 12,690 1st
Warmouth Lorraine Francis 278 30,290 2nd


Club Records 

Roberta Arostegui 9/24/2017
359.594 points
2 lb tippet
Artic Grayling
wt-2lb 4oz
King Lodge, Alaska
Roberta Arostegui 9/11/2017
5551.080 points
8lb tippet
Coho Salmon
wt-11lbs 8oz
King Lodge, Alaska